Dog City Disco is a psychedelic-funk rock band, formed in Boulder Colorado in 2011. All raised in the mountains of Colorado near Breckenridge, the group of friends have been together for over 15 years, which gives them a very tight bond that can be seen through their music. Combining elements of rock, funk, reggae and jazz they form their own unique sound to get your ass shakin' and your heart pumping. 

DCD was originally known as the Chronic Liar's. The band went through a barrage of name changes (The Boondiggas and The Tympo's being the longest lasting), until they re-branded as Dog City Disco in 2017. This year has shown a lot of promising moves for Dog City Disco, including their first out of state shows, a new single, a music video in the making, and their first music festival. 

With raging guitar solo's and funky bass lines; catchy horn riffs, and lyric's you can't get out of your head; they bring a live experience that won't soon be forgotten. So put your party pants on, get your best dance moves ready and let's boogie the night away.

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Jonny Gutierrez - Guitarist 

Mason Greene- Guitarist / Saxophonist / Vocal 

Bradley Zimmerman- Bassist 

James Lowrey-  Keyboardist / Saxophonist 

George Lowrey- Drummer 

Bernie Hartman- Percussionist / Trumpet / Vocal

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