Karate Funk or Bust! 

All aboard the psychedelic train to funk-town! This Dog City Disco locomotive is conducted by six lifelong friends hailing from the mountains of Summit County, CO. Although Dog City Disco, aka DCD, started their musical career as a college party band, they have greased their wheels and have created a mature groove machine that will barrel down the tracks right into your auditory canal. 

Aside from the train whistle and a roaring crowd, expect to hear raging guitar solo's fused with smooth fingers flowing on the keys, bass dumps by Brad, an occasional sax blast, vocals that inflate from the ground to the moon and drums that don't miss a beat. Hop on the DCD train - they don't stop until the coal runs out...or until Tesla creates an electric train.

Check out our new album Inflatable Love !!




Jonny Gutierrez - Guitarist   

Mason Greene- Guitarist / Saxophonist / Vocal   

Bradley Zimmerman- Bassist   

James Lowrey-  Keyboardist / Saxophonist   

George Lowrey- Drummer   

Bernie Hartman- Percussionist / Trumpet / Vocal